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Plan for tomorrow.

Start today.

Can you, or need to, envision your financial goals

but haven't the time necessary to manage them?

Most people aren't formally taught financial literacy and don't know where to start

could you use a partner and sounding board to guide you?

You don't have to face these obstacles alone.

Let's get you started.

Mission Park Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor —

the firm is legally bound to put a client's interests first.

By partnering to serve as the Finance Chair of your Personal Board of Directors, the firm empowers clients by understanding the need to Listen, Engage, Encourage, and Enable.℠

The firm partners best with clients who are curious by nature, want to be engaged in the investing and planning process, and who are seeking a long-term, collaborative relationship that adapts to their personal and professional life events.


This is a dynamic, ongoing process where we define the action steps needed to empower you to align your finances and investments with the life you want.



Process & Alignment
focus on you


Partner with you to serve as the
Finance Chair on your
Personal Board of Directors
Focus on the long-term to help you navigate and adapt to ever changing career and financial landscapes
As a Registered Investment Advisor, legally bound to placing
your interests first
Align incentives by investing alongside you
and offer cost-effective, transparent, fee-only pricing

As Seen In:

Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 12.03.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 11.56.17 AM.png

From liberal arts majors, to MBA and PhD degree holders, and Associates to VPs, the firm currently serves clients who work, as a non-exhaustive sample, at the following organizations:​

  • Datadog

  • Harvard University


  • LinkedIn

  • McKinsey

  • Meta

  • Nimbus Therapeutics

  • Northwell Health
  • Sony

  • And many more...

Does this sound like you?

"I think I have a decent handle on my finances, but I haven't time to do it all 

I need a guide to teach me what I'm missing out on,

and to help me make smarter choices and decisions confidently."

"I don't know whether I'm saving enough for 'Future Me' I going to be OK?"

"For our should I be saving and paying for college 

without threatening our retirement?"

"I have a 401(K) at work 

Have I made good selections?

What more should I be doing for investing?"

"I'm first-gen and/or earn more than my parents

how do I make the most of this opportunity?"

"I need help thinking about what I should do as my RSUs vest."

"Why should I hold ETFs instead of mutual funds in my taxable brokerage account?

Can I do better than having my Reserve Fund in an online high-yield savings account?"

"I want to connect, speak with, and have a relationship with an actual human."

Presented at these MBA programs

Reviews & Testimonials

*These testimonials were provided as Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews by actual clients of Mission Park Capital.  The clients were not compensated, nor are there material conflicts of interest that would affect the given testimonials. Some testimonials are edited lightly for clarity or space. To read all our reviews and in their entirety, please click the following links for Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews.

Enrique is transparent, humble, and collaborative.


His fee structure makes his services highly accessible to someone starting out, and his investment strategies…(make) it easy to understand where my money is going as a client.


I look forward to a long and productive relationship with Enrique as my financial advisor.

-Alex R.



Work directly with the firm's founder, who can share his own approach and systems used for your review; your personalized planning and investing won't be handed over to anyone else.

The firm has happily served clients in-person and virtually nationwide since 2018,
and seeks to grow and sustain long-term relationships together with clients.


Financial Planning

Living document that serves as your customized, comprehensive roadmap for life events such as a home purchase, CollegeCostsTogether   ;

state-specific estate planning coordination

Portfolio Design & Management

Individualized asset allocation across all accounts (401(K), IRAs, taxable, 529s, etc.), the roles of Social Security and equity compensation (RSUs, etc.), with an eye to the tax implications at play

Spending Goals & Prioritization

Ongoing advisement for short- and long-term savings and spending goals, managing cash & debt (credit cards, student loans), client-only aggregation / cash flow tools; helping you refine the financial aspects of your life

Career Advisement & Coaching

Ongoing advisement for networking, job searching, resume and online profile reviews, leading and managing teams, negotiating raises, and severance agreement​s


Looking for the best cash-back credit card? Fork in career path? Ongoing availability for​ check-ins via text, email, phone, video-conference, and in-person, and access to secure, client-only online tools

Pricing for GrowTogether​​

You can view this as an annual fee that is spread out over the year to make services more accessible (vs. lump sum payment).

When annualized, this could be below what you might find for similar services at other prospective advisors.

For assets under management (AUM) of:

  • Up to $350,000 of investable assets

    • Flat-fee price based on 1.50% of your estimated annual after-tax income, not to exceed $289 per month

    • After-tax income does not include equity compensation (RSUs, options); typically salary and annual cash bonus compensation

      • Example: A Boston area individual earning $150,000 annually in cash compensation would be quoted ~$130 per month​

      • Example: A Boston area household earning $200,000 annually in cash compensation would be quoted ~$185 per month

    • Billed quarterly directly from in-house account

  • More than $350,000 of investable assets

    • $289 per month

    • Billed quarterly directly from in-house account


school (1).png

Customized action plan to approach higher education costs with the goal of answering questions and providing guidance, including, but not limited to:

  • Maximizing opportunities for financial aid from higher education institutions,

  • Reducing the out-of-pocket costs for higher education expenses,

  • Limiting parental and student debt, and

  • Less focus on only saving for higher education costs and a finer focus towards saving on higher education costs


The plan includes a written report and live discussion with a current status overview and recommendations for client implementation.

Learn more via the on-demand webinar:

"Sending Your Child to College for Less Than the Advertised Price"

Pricing for CollegeCostsTogether

$750 - $1,250 per plan

($250 per hour rate, estimated 3 to 5 hours per plan)

Regarding Pricing for Services

The firm believes transparency in pricing is important and should be shared up-front, as it is above.

The firm stands by the value of its pricing and payment schedule for services, and encourages you to compare them with the potential fees
 of other prospective advisors.

Pricing reflects that this independent firm earns its compensation only from clients, not from selling products or receiving outside commissions, 12b-1 fees, or wrap feesthis helps prevent conflicts of interest and provide the unbiased advice clients deserve.


EJP MPC headshot copy_edited.jpg

Enrique Perez is the Founder, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Mission Park Capital. He has a track record of mission-driven work and serving others.


As a child of immigrants seeking to help his parents after filling out his own college financial aid forms, his investing and personal finance journey began with an adult education class the summer after graduating high school where—in a recurring theme throughout his career—he was the youngest person in the room.

Enrique has since spent over twenty years honing his craft as a private investor. During that time, he has also worked with a full spectrum of organizations—consulting private start-ups and non-profits, serving as a senior advisor and Chief of Staff for a $1 billion state-level Cabinet Secretariat, recruited to a $5 billion social enterprise bank to serve as a Managing Director and member of the executive management team, and served on the Investment Committee of a retirement benefits board.


Enrique earned a BA in History from Williams College and an MBA from Yale School of Management. He is an active alumnus for both institutions. He serves on the Board of Directors of Women's Money Matters, which seeks to empower low-income women to improve their financial health and create a more secure future for their families and communities. He is an active member of the Latinx MBA Association and co-hosted their financial planning webinar series. Enrique was named a 2021 Rising Star by Financial Planning Magazine. He lives in Waltham, MA with his wife and children. You can learn more about Enrique on LinkedIn.

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