Plan for tomorrow.

Start today.

Can you envision your financial goalsbut haven't the time necessary to manage them?

Most people aren't formally taught financial literacycould you use a partner to guide you?

Do you wish you had a personally tailored approachthat can adapt as your life happens?

You don't have to face these obstacles alone.

Let's get you started.

A financial plan alone isn't enough to achieve financial wellness and independence—

you deserve financial advice over time which can be structured or on-the-go that

adapts to your personal and professional life events.

Mission Park Capital is an independent firm dedicated and committed to:

  • Empowering clients by understanding the need to Listen, Engage, Encourage, and Enable℠

  • Offering tailored, comprehensive financial advice and investment management

  • Focusing on your career and investments with a long-term perspective

  • A relationship-based purposeful alignment of behaviors and incentives with clients

  • Earning fee-only compensation solely from clients, not through commissions or third-parties



Process & Alignment
focus on you


Act as the
Finance Chair
on your
Personal Board of Directors
As a Registered Investment Advisor, adhere to a Fiduciary Standard and duty of placing
your interests first
Focus on the long-term to help you navigate and adapt to ever changing career and financial landscapes
Align incentives by investing alongside you
and offer cost-effective, transparent, fee-only pricing



The firm offers flat rates, and pricing is fee-only.
There is no minimum amount of assets required.
Work directly with the firm's founder, who can share his own approach and systems used for your review; your personalized planning and investing won't be handed over to anyone else.
The firm happily serves clients in-person and/or virtually,
and seeks to grow and sustain long-term relationships together with clients.


Financial Planning

Customized planning with an annual meeting to review and update your living document; state-specific estate planning coordination

Career Advisement & Coaching

Ongoing advisement for networking, job searching, resume and online profile reviews, leading and managing teams, negotiating raises, and severance agreement​s

Portfolio Management

Asset allocation across all accounts (401(k), 457(b), 529s, IRAs, taxable, etc.), retirement benefit programs (Social Security, pension), and equity compensation (RSUs, etc.)

Spending Goals & Prioritization

Ongoing advisement for short- and long-term savings and spending goals, managing cash & debt (credit cards, student loans); refining the financial aspects of your life


Shopping for a cash back credit card? Fork in career path? Ongoing availability for​ check-ins via text, email, phone, video-conference, and in-person

Pricing for GrowTogether

For assets under management (AUM) of:

  • Up to $300,000 of investable assets

    • Flat-fee price based on 1.5% of your estimated annual after-tax income, not to exceed $249 per month

    • Billed quarterly directly from in-house account

  • More than $300,000 of investable assets

    • $249 per month

    • Billed quarterly directly from in-house account


Portfolio Management

  • Asset allocation across all taxable and tax-sheltered investment accounts (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA) managed directly by the firm


  • Annual meeting to review and update

Pricing for InvestTogether

For assets under management (AUM) of:

  • Up to $250,000 of investable assets

    • Annual asset-based price of 1.00% AUM

    • Billed quarterly directly from in-house account

  • More than $250,000 of investable assets

    • $209 per month

    • Billed quarterly directly from in-house account


Financial Plan

One-time customized plan analyzing your short- and long-term financial goals, including investment analysis for all accounts, spending, debt, savings, and retirement-planning, including Social Security claiming strategy scenarios, and retirement account consolidation and distribution strategy.

Plan includes a written report with a current status overview and recommendations for client implementation.

Pricing for GettingItTogether

One-time fee: $1,500

Regarding Pricing
The firm believes transparency in pricing is important and should be shared up-front, as it is above.
Pricing reflects that this independent firm earns its compensation only from clients,
and accepts no outside commissions, 12b-1 fees, or wrap fees;
this helps prevent conflicts of interest and provide the unbiased advice clients deserve.
Pricing also reflects having started a career during a recession;
this is a firm with a focus on service while maintaining low overhead costs.
The firm stands by the value of its pricing and encourages you to compare it with your prospective advisors.


As determined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission;

typically institutions and certain private individuals.

Please see bottom of page for further information.

Portfolio Management

  • 0.25% annual asset-based fee, billed monthly directly from in-house account

  • Annual 6% hurdle rate and high-water mark

  • Performance-based fee on gains in excess of the hurdle rate; please see table below

Assets Managed

Less than $5 million

$5,000,001 - $25 million

Over $25 million

First Five Years




After Five Years




  • The firm focuses on offering only one investment strategy for Qualified Clients

  • Tear sheet can be provided for informational purposes


EJP MPC headshot copy.jpg

Enrique Perez is the Founder, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Mission Park Capital. He has a track record of mission-driven work and serving others.


As a child of immigrants seeking to help his parents, his investing and personal finance journey began with an adult education class the summer after graduating high school where—in a recurring theme throughout his career—he was the youngest person in the room.

Enrique has since spent over twenty years honing his craft as a private investor. During that time, he has also worked with a full spectrum of organizations—consulting private start-ups and non-profits, serving as a senior advisor and Chief of Staff for a $1 billion state-level Cabinet Secretariat, recruited to a $5 billion social enterprise bank to serve as a Managing Director and member of the executive management team, and served on the Investment Committee of a retirement benefits board.


Enrique earned a BA in History from Williams College and an MBA from Yale School of Management. He is an active alumnus for both institutions and their students. He serves on the Financial Wellness and Professional Development committees at the Boston College Club. You can learn more about him on LinkedIn.

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